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3 sided menu stand

Enhance your dining experience with our Acrylic 3-Sided Menu Stand. Clear and versatile, it beautifully presents menus, specials, or promotions, adding a touch of sophistication to any restaurant or cafe.

Acrylic Phototframe

Display your cherished memories with our Acrylic Photo Frame. Sleek and transparent, it adds a contemporary touch to your photos, showcasing them beautifully while complementing any decor style. Timeless elegance.

Acrylic safe display cabinet

Secure your valuables in style with our Acrylic Safe Display Cabinet. Sturdy and transparent, it combines security with elegance, showcasing your items while keeping them protected. Safety meets sophistication.

Award trophies / Custom made plaques

Celebrate achievements with our Acrylic Award Trophies and Custom-Made Plaques. Crafted with precision, they epitomize excellence and elegance, making memorable moments even more special. Personalize your success story today.

Ostrich egg display holder

Showcase your unique treasures with our Acrylic Ostrich Egg Display Holder. Transparent and sturdy, it adds a touch of sophistication while elegantly presenting your prized ostrich eggs. Unforgettable displays await.

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