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Discover precise craftsmanship with our Laser Cutting Services, using advanced laser technology for intricate designs. Our CNC Machining Solutions utilize Computer Numerical

Control (CNC) machines to deliver accurate and repeatable cuts, ensuring simplicity and precision for your projects.

Experience our Heat Bending Services use heat to shape Perspex into the forms you want. Discover our Forming Solutions, using our thermos-ovens to mold acrylic sheets into specific shapes – whether it be domes, signage or other needs.

Our Chemical Bonding services use special adhesives for acrylic to create strong connections between parts. Our team is skilled in using Mechanical Joining techniques where we use screws, bolts, or other strong fasteners to put together acrylic components for lasting and stable results.

Our partners in Digital Printing services add custom designs or graphics to make your acrylic projects uniquely yours. We also offer Screen Printing through our reliable network where ink is applied through a mesh screen with precision, ensuring high-quality prints that bring your acrylic designs to life.

We offer high quality polishing services that make acrylic surfaces smooth and glossy for a professional polished look.

Manufacturing rapid prototypes are our specialisation. We create sample products for testing and evaluation.

We create bespoke products to meet your specific needs, ensuring that each project gets a solution designed just for you.

  • Computer cut Vinyl and Perspex letter Logos
  • Installation – Special Make Ups
  • Prismatic Diffusers and Skylight Covers
  • Photo-frames, Recipe and Plate Stands
  • Sweet and Biltong Bins
  • Brochure, Business Card, Pamphlet and Menu Holders
  • Perspex / Acrylic Fabricating
  • Key rings, Note Cube Holders and Fridge Magnets
  • Display Units and Shoe Stands
  • Screen printing and Sandblasting
  • Vehicle Signage
  • Illuminated Light boxes


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